Lukovo Otočko

Lukovo Otočko is a small village, 90 km from the town of Rijeka. As it is away from the main road, there is no  noise. About 50 houses in the picturesque bay, with a large beach and the warmest sea in this part of the Adriatic Sea. Our sea is perfectly clean and transparent.  The big ships are not allowed to fish in this area, the underwater world is beautiful and unaffected. We are a blue-green oasis, magnificent and still undiscovered...

  To visit:

-         small local ethnological museum on the village peninsula (visit possible by boat)

-         nearby prehistoric fortress

-         prehistoric drawings on the steep cliffs

-         mountain Velebit (Botanic Garden, sanctuary of the Mother of God of Krasno)

-         town museum in Senj (20km) with the medieval fortress Nehaj

-         Plitvice Lakes National Park (90min by car)

-         the unique fjord in Croatia ZAVRATNICA (nature phenomenon, amazingly beautiful)


The apartment is 100m away from the beach and 50m from the promenade.

The position and orientation allow enough of sun, but  fresh nights.

The accomodation is suitable for 2 adults + 2 or 3 children (0 – 12 years) OR  3 adults.

A car could be parked right in front of the house.

Watercraft trailers are to be left on the entrance of the village.


Interior description: 38m², living room with 1 pull-out couch and kitchen corner, 1 sleeping room with double bed, bathroom, TV.


Terms for 2024.

01.05. - 26.05.

26.05. - 16.06.

16.06. - 14.07.

14.07. - 25.08.

25.08. - 15.09.

15.09. - 13.10.

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Lika Destination includes part of the territory of three counties, and in addition to the continental and coastal Lika-Senj counties, it also extends to parts of the Karlovac and Zadar counties. Considering that almost 60% of the area is protected by some kind of protection according to the Nature Protection Act, the destination of Lika is branded as a destination of protected nature areas, the most famous of which are: Plitvice Lakes National Park, Northern Velebit National Park, Paklenica National Park, Velebit Nature Park and Grabovača Cave Park.

The development of the destination is a unique example of sustainable development and inclusion of local products in tourism through the "Lika Quality" system, which guarantees quality and local production based on tradition. Thanks to the development of the destination in this way, including the local population and taking into account natural and cultural laws, the development of the destination Lika was included in the prestigious list of the world`s TOP 100 sustainable destinations!

The main activity of the Lika Destination Cluster is the tourist promotion of the destination on the domestic and foreign markets based on its natural, cultural, historical, gastronomic and health features, in cooperation with travel agencies, tourist boards, institutions of protected natural areas, hoteliers, restaurateurs, private renters, associations, local manufacturers and other tourism workers who want to enable all visitors to have an unforgettable experience in a destination intertwined with sea and karst.

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